Restaurant’s speaks following liquor license suspension after shooting

Restaurant’s speaks following liquor license suspension after shooting
Wing Bar on East Main Street in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Virginia ABC issued an Order of Summary Suspension to Wing Bar in Richmond following an investigation of a fatal quadruple shooting on Dec. 25 in front of the establishment.

Wing Bar’s license suspension will remain in effect pending the results of a formal investigation and any resulting proceedings for disciplinary review.

Raysean Edwards, the owner of Wing Bar says the suspension could affect the longevity of his business and his ability to give opportunities to people in the city who need them.

“People struggle to find jobs so if I had the opportunity and the chance to create jobs then I can give people jobs,” said Edwards. "They give it to you and they’re quick to take it from you.

Virginia ABC believes that there is a continued threat to public safety at this establishment and these actions are necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

“Businesses fail because they can’t pull enough revenue in that can cover overhead as well as employee costs, food costs, and inventory,” said Edwards. “What can you do? You find your self digging into your own pot of money you saved up to keep dumping into a business.”

Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement is working with the Richmond Police Department and conducting a formal investigation.

Because of the ongoing investigation, the Virginia ABC cannot provide additional information about the investigation at this time.

I just think that ABC has to do better with giving people second chances and not just go off the background and history of this area," said Edwards. “Just give us a second chance to fix these problems and figure out a way to prevent things from happening.”

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