Cat that acted aggressive, bit people tests positive for rabies

DHEC says a person caring for a stray cat may have been exposed to rabies. (Source: Pixabay)
DHEC says a person caring for a stray cat may have been exposed to rabies. (Source: Pixabay)
Updated: Dec. 25, 2019 at 12:59 PM EST
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CAROLINE Co., Va. (WWBT) - A cat that had been acting aggressive and bit people has tested positive for rabies, the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office said.

The stay cat was from a residential area in the 14000 block of Long Branch Road. Deputies were notified on Dec. 24.

The sheriff’s office said the cat was acting aggressively and is known to have bitten people.

Anyone who may have been in contact with the female black and white, long-haired cat should seek medical advice from their healthcare provider to determine if rabies preventative medication is needed. People can also call the Caroline County Environmental Health Office at 804-633-6237.

If your animal may have had contact with the cat, owners should contact their veterinarian.

“In this particular situation, the cat that tested positive for rabies was left by a previous tenant and the current occupants had been feeding the “very friendly” cat for two years. The public needs to be made aware that allowing unvaccinated animals to frequent their property, puts their family and other pets at risk. Any stray animals need to be removed immediately, otherwise a current rabies inoculation is required by Virginia law on any dog or cat over 4 months of age. Furthermore, feeding this cat for two years and making no attempt to remove it from the property by law makes this cat owned and not considered a stray. The CCSO Animal Control Unit has animal traps at the shelter that are available for public use to catch and remove any unwanted stray animal,” CCSO Animal Control Unit Lt. J. C. Heffler said.

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