Last-minute-shoppers hit the stores before Christmas

Last minute shoppers hit the stores before Christmas

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Christmas Day is almost here, but many shoppers were keeping the road hot, heading for the stores for last-minute shopping for their loved ones.

Kohls in Chesterfield were buzzing with energy since its doors opened shoppers inside had different reasons for waiting until the last minute.

“My nephew is out of town so we just haven’t gotten around to him until now,” said Connie Stanley.

“I just came back from school so I really haven’t been shopping,” said Jalen Hargrove who was shopping with his father. “I’ve been struggling right now I might have to go to another store.”

Some shoppers even brought the person they were shopping for the stores to make finding those gifts a little easier.

“Rather than waste all the time of buying it and then taking it back to the store and getting what you really want, I’ve learned that having my wife along makes a big difference,” said Randy Holmes.

While some shoppers found the experience a bit stressful others say they actually prefer the last-minute rush and look forward to it every year

“I always wait until the last minute,” said Dale Wilson. “I find more success at the last minute shopping than I do on Black Friday or Cyber-Monday or something like that I always get a better deal.”

“At this point, you’re at the very end so the best thing you can do is just jump in and see if you can brave the crowds,” said Stanley.

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