Camera captures thief stealing package, delivery driver tossing packages

Camera captures thief stealing package, delivery driver tossing packages

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -'Tis the season for package thieves and delivery drivers in a hurry. Ring cameras captured a porch pirate targeting multiple homes near the Fan while another camera appears to show a driver did not take very good care of a recent delivery.

There’s a Grinch in the Randolph Neighborhood: A man was caught on camera stealing packages off of porches.

“It’s a shady thing to do,” Alston Cocke said.

Cocke was inside his home and was just feet away from the front door.

“My roommate was upstairs. The UPS driver didn’t knock on the door or ring the doorbell, so that’s why we didn’t initially go to the door to pick up the package,” Cocke said.

Cocke said this happened seconds after the UPS driver took off. Alston says he went outside when he got an alert from his Ring camera.

He saw the man get inside a blue hatchback parked down the street with a woman inside.

“You can see multiple packages in the man’s hands, and when he goes down the alley it looks like he looks in the packages. What if it was someone’s prescription medicine or something someone actually needed and this man is just taking it,” Cocke said.

The thief only got away with jeans. Richmond police say they are investigating this theft and others in the area.

But what happens when the delivery company damages your package?

A local ring cam video shows a FedEx driver tossing a package onto the porch and after it rolls down he tosses it again.

If your package turns up damaged then you need to contact the carrier service so they can look solve the issue.

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