Richmonders react to President Trump’s impeachment hearing

Updated: Dec. 18, 2019 at 11:35 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - As lawmakers made the historic vote to impeach President Trump, people in Richmond were watching closely -- not only from their homes but also at local businesses. There’s a mixed reaction on whether the House made the right move.

No matter where you stand on this issue, experts say this is a solemn time for our country. Only two other presidents have been impeached, but none have been removed from office because of it.

As the chicken and veggies are grilling at Hibachi Express, politics are showing on the television.

"If this is a compelling case for impeachment, I’m not sure why we’re here,” a lawmaker could be heard saying.

Customers are watching.

"I'm just trying to see what's going on,” Ivan Hill said.

"It's a lot of noise,” Allen Bowman added.

"I've been following it on my phone and in the store,” Tyesha Adams said.

Trey Dunton is also paying close attention.

"Very aggressive side from Republicans. They seem to not like it as much,” he observed.

In the end, the House decided to take that historic step impeaching President Trump.

"This is about trying to hold the President responsible for what the President may well have done or at least what a majority of the House of Representatives believes the President has done,” said University of Richmond law professor Henry Chambers.

Chambers points out U.S. Senators will likely decide to keep the President in office.

"The Senate has to vote by 2/3rds in order to remove the President. That would require every Democrat plus about 20 Republicans. The chances of that happening are almost zero,” Chambers added.

So far now, it's a waiting game.

"Next year we'll see if he's still in office until election time and he probably will get elected again,” Hill added.

"It's very divisive. It would be better if everyone can come together and agree upon things,” Bowman said.

At a campaign rally before the vote, President Trump told supporters "the country is doing better than ever before. We did nothing wrong."

The Senate will take up this issue next month.

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