New Richmond based company helps you clear your garage and make money

New Richmond based company helps you clear your garage and make money

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Is your garage an absolute mess? Maybe your storage space is overflowing with ladders, generators, yard tools and lawnmowers. Introducing The Shed! is a new company launching in Richmond with a massive warehouse in Goochland.

It’s an online platform that allows you to take things you don’t use on a regular basis. Stuff you have in your garage, basement, attics, even your own shed and make extra money. Think Airbnb for your garage.

“It is the expected to the unexpected. You can rent things that you never would have thought of eventually before,” said owner and founder Karen O’Neil.

The Shed rents your stuff out to other people. Things like - extra lawnmowers, golf travel bags, camping equipment, tools and power washers. And, if you’re a business - you can make a little extra too.

“If there’s a lawn company and you know they’re not doing as much business and they have equipment that they’re not using, they can store it in the shed and make money on it while it’s not being put to use," said founder and owner Daniel Perrone.

It doesn’t cost you anything to store your stuff in the shed. And you can take it out up to six times a year. And they deliver the items from ‘The Shed’ to both owners and renters.

Let’s look at a popular item like a generator. The Shed calculates it could make you more than a thousand a year in rental income.

“From just having it sit here and be rented out to other people because you know when you need a generator, you need a generator," points out O’Neil. You’ll be able to rent it at $85 a day. Buying a generator new could cost you a thousand dollars.

Want to rent a Kayak? It will be about $49 a day.

“Kayaks were at the top of the list. If you have a kayak that sitting taking up space we know that people will want to rent this.”

Jill Krais just started putting stuff in The Shed. She’s a Henrico do-it-your-selfer.

“My husband and I have a beach house we’ve been renovating for the past two years and we’ve bought all this equipment and we want to keep it but we don’t want to clog up our garage,” said Krais.

So far, she’s cleared her garage of a doggie step stool, beach tents for kids and sleeping bags.

“I would normally think about donating things, but that’s another thing I love about The Shed. They have the option where you can code to have your proceeds go to a nonprofit, which I also love,” added Krais.

O’Neil got the idea for the business back in 2012.

“People have gotten so used to renting everything from their clothes to the extra room in their house. We’re now at a point in our lives who would have thought 10 years ago you would call a random taxi on your phone that’s actually somebody else’s car,” said O’Neil.

Daniel Perrone wanted The Shed to be based in Richmond.

“I wanted the city to take pride in the fact that we were starting here. We’re growing to Denver. We’re going to be in Austin, Nashville, Portland and Jacksonville.”

So, what if somebody breaks your stuff. Everything is insured and replaced for full value. Right now, they are just collecting items to fill up the ‘Richmond Shed’. To find out what they need, head over to The company expects to open for rentals by the end of the year.

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