Henrico woman, moving company hit impasse in settlement over damaged furniture

Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 8:52 PM EST
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HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - A Henrico woman and a moving company have hit an impasse over money when it comes to the reimbursement of damaged furniture.

Patricia Gordon says “All My Sons Moving and Storage” caused damage to her furniture when moving and the amount they’re offering doesn’t come close to the value of her furniture. A company spokeswoman says they’re not perfect but, they’re trying to take care of her.

The two sides are deadlocked over dollars. After NBC12′s Diane Walker with them last night, All My Sons did throw in an extra $150. It says Patricia can pay someone to assemble her beds, while Patricia says the beds can’t be assembled because they’re broken. That’s her stance on other items that are damaged. Gordon places her loss at $13,000.

“This is cracked and split everywhere. So, I couldn’t put her bed up. This had been against the wall since All My Sons told me to keep things as they were,” Gordon said.

Gordon says she was willing to accept half of what she initially requested. All My Sons declined to settle for $6,000 and now says $3,058, plus $150 to get her beds assembled is its final offer.

“I’m not going to accept that. My furniture is worth more than what you’re offering me, and I can’t settle for that. I had good furniture before your movers came in,” Gordon said.

Disorder, broken dishes, beds and furniture spoiled Thanksgiving and Patricia says she’s dreading Christmas.

“This whole set right here was $3,000. We’ve been eating off our laps. So, it’s sad that I can’t even use my dining room table. I do not want to go into any more holidays without my furniture being replaced," Gordon said.

All My Sons says its offer is well above the coverage she chose in the contract, and more than generous. Gordon claims no one discussed insurance and says she signed on an iPad but never got a copy until she called police after movers threatened to hold her furniture until she paid $1,100 above the initial quote.

“He said ‘Ma’am if you’re not going to pay it, we’re going to take your furniture with us and we’re going to put it in our storage.’ I could not believe it. I walked out in front of the truck and told the police to come because they’re trying to pull off with my furniture,” Gordon said.

All My Sons says the initial quote of $445 was a deposit and they never hold personal belongings hostage.

Meantime, Patricia and her daughter have been sleeping on mattresses on the floor since August.

"When everyone goes to sleep, I am crying,” Gordon said.

All My Sons told Diane Walker it is increasing the amount to $3,300. Walker also asked the company spokeswoman, Joanne Polin, to send someone to Patricia’s home to see the broken furniture for themselves. So far, corporate reps in Texas have only seen emailed pictures from Patricia.

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