Tips for staying healthy while tackling the holiday season

Tips for Staying Healthy While Tackling the Holiday Season

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Parenting little ones is already a lot of work - add all the extra weight of holiday preps - and you might be feeling a little heavy figuratively and literally. Fit 4 Mom Richmond has some tips on juggling parenting, health and the holiday season.

“It’s definitely tricky," said Natalie Russell, owner of Fit for Mom Richmond. "This time of year, we get bombarded with all the things that we have to do. And then we add on top of that motherhood, and we feel like we have to do it all.”

Russell helps moms stay fit within a “mom” lifestyle. Starting, with just playing with your kids

“Take them to a playground," said Russell. "Run around with them. Kick the ball when you’re in the backyard.”

She runs group classes as well, some where you can bring your kids, and uploads workouts to Instagram, to make working out at home easier.

“Even just doing 10-15 minutes of something at home, super simple," said Russell. "Sometimes I think that when you exercise, you’ve got to make this huge effort to stay active. And it doesn’t have to be that daunting. It can be really, really simple.”

And when it comes to eating healthy, she says do what you can.

“We can eat healthy but still treat ourselves," said Russell. "Just don’t go overboard. And definitely don’t feel guilty when you treat yourself. There’s already guilt there. The mom guilt. So just let yourself go. Have fun. Enjoy it. But don’t go overboard.”

Since Natalie is running a business and raising a kid, she says she’s OK finding ways to eat healthy that don’t involve cooking every meal. Like ordering from a delivery service. She uses Territory Foods, which is new to the area.

“It’s OK to take a simple route," said Russell. "And it’s OK not to make homemade food seven days a week. Especially if you can find a way to keep it healthy and stay on track, but suit your busy lifestyle. That’s like the best thing you can do.”

Just do your best. Workout when you can. Eat healthy when you can. Do what you can.

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