Home surveillance video catches burglary suspect inside Hopewell home

Home surveillance video catches burglary suspect inside Hopewell home

HOPEWELL, Va. (WWBT) - Police arrested a burglary suspect who was caught inside a Hopewell home on Thursday after a homeowner received an alert from their home surveillance system.

Police were called just after noon on Thursday to the 300 block of Warsaw Avenue for the report of a burglary in progress.

The homeowner said they got an alert from their home surveillance system and saw a man trying to gain access to the home.

Hopewell native Jacqueline Davis describes the porch side view she and her husband got as police surrounded her neighbors home.

“We just saw a few policemen, then all of a sudden a big flurry of policemen arrived, and then a SWAT truck,” said Davis. “It made you very fearful of what was going on or what would happen.”

Davis says as police arrived she received the call from the homeowner, who is a close friend of Davis, telling her to stay away from the home. Even though her friend wasn’t home during the break-in, she was already taking control of the situation

“She did have cameras throughout the house that notify her when something is going on in her house the house,” said Davis

When police arrived, they saw the suspect inside the home but he did not respond to commands to come outside.

Officers called in backup as the suspect barricaded himself in the attic. Police attempt to negotiate was unsuccessful, so SWAT and a K-9 were called in.

K-9 Knox and the handler were used to persuade the suspect to surrender, who was then taken into custody without incident.

No items were stolen and no one was injured.

“An alert homeowner and quick police response led to the apprehension and possibly prevented further B & E’s in the community,” said Detective Lieutenant Michael Langford.

The suspect was identified as Robin Franklin, 24, of Richmond. He was charged with burglary and obstruction. He is being held at the Riverside Regional Jail.

“Those cameras just got paid for today,” said Davis. “She has a safe home once again.”

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