Home of the ‘Grinch’ celebrates 30 year anniversary

Home of the Grinch celebrates 30 year anniversary

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - All month long NBC12 is showcasing the best holiday decorations and lights displays where you live, starting off in Henrico at the Home of the Grinch.

“The Grinch heart grew three sizes bigger and that’s what I portray is the good Grinch,” said homeowner Brett Allioti.

For years, the Grinch has lived here at 1411 Pennsylvania Avenue and this year marks the 30th anniversary.

“Some are scared when they first meet me but when they realize it’s the good Grinch, then they’re good about it,” said Allioti. “What keeps me going is the smiles on people’s faces. I love seeing that.”

And Just like Christmas, this Grinch wants to steal your heart.

“I’ve had people come here from when they were little babies and now their teenagers so I gotta keep it going. I love doing it,” said Allioti.

Now, this house is more than just decorations and when it comes to the Grinch’s, there’s a game you play where you can count how many you can find.

“You can count how many Grinch’s, how many Santa’s and how many snowmen... it’s fun to do and I got the answers on the other side of my fence,” said Allioti.

Also, on the other side of the fence is a dog park, where there are dog decorations.

“You got a bunch of little dogs to look at and you got some humor too,” said Allioti.

And finally, to make this anniversary year special, Brett made something new that can go with his Grinch theme.

“I came up with three new Christmas characters. I got Flaggy, Spoony, and Pipeppy, all-new Christmas characters never before special.”

On Friday’s and Saturdays from 7-10 p.m., Allioti performs live Grinch shows.

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