Richmond FBI: Watching out for those pop up ads while shopping online

Richmond FBI: Watching out for those pop up ads while shopping online

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Nine billion in online sales on Cyber Monday this year according to data from Adobe Analytics, and online shopping isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, which is why the Richmond FBI has a warning tonight.

The agency says to think of the internet as the wild wild west, and eventually you’re going to get ripped off. So you’ve got to be prepared. Have your guard up this month. Especially when it comes to your social media accounts. Supervisory Special Agent David Johnson with the Richmond FBI warns of social media scams. If something pops up in your feed that wants you to click here, to buy something, don’t do it.

The same goes for if you are just shopping online and going to trusted sites. “If you receive an email that says ‘click here’ for the latest deal on x, y, and z or ‘click here’ for this latest product. If you have not solicited that email or gone to that actual website it’s likely a scam.”

Johnson says if you’re going to buy something online - from a trusted site like Amazon, Walmart or Target - make sure you are on the actual website. That you’ve typed in the website address correctly into your browser. Criminals are so good these days, one letter off and you could end up on a site that looks real, but is really just giving away your personal information and credit card numbers.

And if you get a link to shop at a store you’ve never heard of or shopped with before, don’t click on that random unsolicited link. Be wary of any unsolicited emails trying to get you to click on any links.

If you are scammed or think you may have been, always contact your financial institution to either stop payment or launch an investigation. Call local police and report it. Also log on to the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center to report it as well.

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