‘I went to the ER’: Uber driver’s assault not included in company’s safety report

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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - In the past two years, Uber said there were nearly 6,000 sexual assaults and 19 deaths caused by physical assault. The company says 99.9 percent of rides end without any problems. But one driver who has dealt with danger behind the wheel says the report doesn’t include everything.

Bradley Johnson was driving for Uber the Sunday before Halloween in 2018 when he pulled up to a dance party. He tried to drive in between some cars when his door was yanked open, and he was hit multiple times, falling to the ground.

Even though he had extensive injuries, his assault is not included in Uber’s findings. The 84-page report only includes assaults that resulted in someone dying.

“I don’t want people to assume it covers every violent incident that might involve a rider or might involve a driver because it obviously doesn’t," said Johnson.

While Uber has made certain strides to improve safety, like including a 911 feature in its app, Johnson says the company isn’t doing enough. He says he would like to be allowed to conceal carry as well as have a better idea of who is riding in his vehicle.

“The only vetting process for riders is do they have a credit card account? And then again the person with the account is often not the person getting in the vehicle and riding," said Johnson.

Even though Johnson has dealt with dangers on the job, he will continue to drive, hoping this doesn’t happen again.

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