Richmond leaders call for peace after 11 shootings injure 13 people, kill 3

Richmond leaders call for peace after 11 shootings injure 13 people, kill 3

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - City leaders are calling for the recent gun violence in the City of Richmond to end after 11 shootings left three dead and another 13 injured. This has all happened since Thanksgiving night and it’s left many people on edge.

“There’s a war that’s brewing,” JJ Minor said.

Minor is the President of the Richmond NAACP and he is leading the call for peace in Richmond.

“It’s a 911 in the city of Richmond. It’s all hands on deck,” Minor said.

This comes after a very violent week.

“You are going to kill us. Those bullets have no name on it. Why are you doing this? Stop it,” Marilyn Olds said.

The NAACP was joined by leaders in what’s known as the ‘big six’ public housing communities, where many of the shootings happened. Many say things are so bad, they’re afraid to come outside.

“You have your parents, grandparents and your siblings too afraid to come outside in Creighton and in Mosby. Nobody wants to come outside because you are shooting up the streets,” Olds said.

“My seniors are scared to come outside. It hurt me to know my seniors are scared to even look outside the door,” Patricia Wiliford said.

“Stop the killing. We have so much more to offer in this city and we need to stop the violence now. If you know something, tell something. If you see something, say something,” Richmond City Sheriff Dr. Antionette Irving said.

“It’s senseless. Please God, just stop them. Stop them,” Jayne Washington said.

Washington’s 17-year-old nephew TJ was one of the victims killed in Creighton Court.

“Stop doing this to each other. You are killing your own brothers. Your own brothers,” Washington said.

Leaders are also calling for extra patrols at Armstrong High School and Martin Luther King High Schools as tensions start to rise.

CEO of The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority Damon Duncan released this statement:

"First, the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority expresses our heartfelt condolences to the families of those who were victims of the horrible and senseless violence that our city has endured. Our thoughts and prayers are with these families. Our agency is taking action by moving forward in addressing the issue of violence in our communities. One, we have established a strong partnership with the City of Richmond Police Department. We are in constant contact with RPD anytime something occurs in one of our communities. This is a significant help because it allows us to coordinate our efforts. They have been extremely responsive and have been a solid partner with us in addressing and deterring the violence that has occurred.

Secondly, our public safety director Brian Swann does regular walking assessments of the communities. We understand that everyone wants to live in a safe environment. As a result, we regularly reach out to residents, individually and collectively, to ensure that we understand their concerns, and can work to provide them with a safer community."

Anyone with information on any of the shootings is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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