Football coach arrested for allegedly assaulting player in locker room

Football coach arrested for allegedly assaulting player in locker room

NEW KENT Co., Va. (WWBT) - The New Kent High School head football coach has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a player in the locker room.

The coach, John William Fulks, 42, was arrested for simple assault and released on a permitted warrant.

The New Kent County Sheriff’s Office said the alleged incident happened on Nov. 8 at the New Kent High School.

The sheriff’s office says the allegations indicate the incident took place in the locker room before an away game.

"There's been videos passed around of people actually seeing it,” student Mason Walker said.

But he says, in the video that's made its way around campus, he's not able to make out everything that's happening.

"It wasn’t very clear video footage. It’s been very shaky so I can’t say too much about it,” the student said.

"Anytime there’s an allegation of any type of situation involving a juvenile, and in particular, someone that the juvenile is supposed to be in the care and custody of, we certainly take that seriously,” New Kent Sheriff J.J. McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin says the allegation is simple assault, not to be confused with the more severe charge of assault and battery, which often involves injury.

"It's simple assault so it's basically the touching or laying on of a hand on another individual,” he said.

"When I grew up playing football and stuff like that, things that were considered by today's standards as abuse were not then,” parent Alan Walker added.

He says while he doesn't know what happened in the locker room, he just wants the truth to prevail.

"I think he should get due process like anybody else, and it should definitely be investigated…He should be given a fair shake on what it is and the facts should come out before we make any kind of assessments or judgments,” Walker added.

Simple assault is a misdemeanor offense.

The Sheriff said it would be up to the Commonwealth’s Attorney to comment on the alleged video. NBC12 is awaiting his response.

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