Couple opts out of ‘traditional marriage’ and is getting married in tiny church during Christmas Parade

Couple getting married in tiny church

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - We all know weddings can be expensive, from the dress to the ceremony to the reception, but Donald McWilliams Jr. and Roberta Jennings are choosing a unique way to tie the knot and not break the bank.

They’re doing that by getting married during the Dominion Christmas parade inside of the Federal Heritage Credit Union tiny chapel.

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“Don contacted me and says, ‘hey, I have this crazy idea. I want to get married on the chapel in the parade.’ I was like, ‘are you kidding?’" said President and CEO of Richmond Federal Heritage Credit Union, Randy Cooper.

"It would be a once and a lifetime event for us,” said groom, Donald McWilliams Jr.

For several years, Donald and Roberta have volunteered and decorated the tiny chapel that’s been featured in the Christmas parade and thought this would be out of the box idea to celebrate their love.

“We kind of want to have some fun with it and remember it for the rest of our lives,” said McWilliams Jr. “I don’t think it would work with anyone else than her, that’s how special this is.”

“I think it allows people to have both - be a little out of the box but if you’re a traditional person, I think you’ll think this is fun and neat at the same time,” said Cooper.

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The new partnership between Federal Heritage Credit Union and tiny chapel weddings allows families and members of the Federal Heritage Credit Union like these two, to be able to cut out the financial stress of getting married.

“Community is a combination of families and those families are couples, so everything we do is trying to help the core of our membership," said Cooper. “To be able to create an amazing heritage for this couple and we would love to do this for others as well.”

“I want to be married to her instead of being married to debt,” said McWilliams Jr.

The chapel sits two but can fit 20 guests in the church in total.

Seats inside of tiny chapel
Seats inside of tiny chapel (Source: Source:NBC12)

The cost for the church is $160 but depending on the distance of travel, the price can range.

So far, the church has preformed over 250 weddings but this will be it’s first during a parade.

For more information on the church, click here.

(Source: Source:NBC12)

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