Driver charged after dump truck crashes, hangs off bridge

Route 60 reopens after dump truck crashes, hangs off bridge

NEW KENT Co., Va. (WWBT) - The driver of a dump truck has been charged after crashing over a bridge.

According to the New Kent County Sheriff, a portion of the tractor-trailer went off the bridge and into the Chickahominy River Monday afternoon.

Virginia State Police said around 2:51 p.m. a 2018 Western Star dump truck driven by, Andrew Gurley, 20, of Charles City, was heading east with the bed of the truck raised.

“The truck preceded in the right lane across the Chickahominy River Bridge overturning on the passenger side with the bed of the truck leaning over the jersey wall,” troopers said in a release.

Police said approximately 23,000 pounds of agriculture lime was lost. The Department of Environmental Quality was notified.

“I can’t imagine what was going through his mind. What was going through my mind was that it was very scary to see,” Jennifer Carter said.

Jennifer Carter and her husband own a business nearby and their security camera caught the frightening crash on video.

“My heart dropped. I thought there was no way he could be alive,” Carter said.

Some power lines were also damaged on the Henrico side of the Chickahominy River Bridge.

All east and west lanes were closed in the area for several hours.

The tractor-trailer was dangling off the bridge.
The tractor-trailer was dangling off the bridge. (Source: Tony Orpiano)

“I don’t see how he made it. It’s a miracle if he does,” Tommie Daniel said.

The bed of the truck took out power lines leaving Daniel in the dark.

“I was sitting in the house watching TV when the lights went out and I heard a heck of a crash. I came outside and I had power lines laying across my truck,” Daniel said.

"The helicopter landed right there and 10 minutes later it was gone,” Carter said.

Miraculously, the helicopters weren’t needed for this crash. Police said Gurley was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

“There are no words. There was someone with him in that truck today,” Carter said.

Police say Gurley was charged with reckless driving in the crash.

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