Hundreds attend, stream memorial service for local pastor

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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Saturday’s memorial service for City Church pastor Dr. Dimitri Bradley was less about mourning the 51-year-old church leader and more about celebrating the life and the congregation he led.

“I’m doing good, probably the best you can in a situation like this,” said City Church minister Terrance Jones.

Dr. Bradley was killed in a car crash on the downtown expressway. More than a week after his death hundreds of people gathered to the church’s Henrico location to pay their respect and celebrate his life.

Jones, who spoke on behalf of the church, said his the congregation is taking the loss day by day.

“One of the things that I share with them is that grief is along process,” said Jones. “We’re just keeping people lifted up. Some days are better than others, but as a community and a church family we’re good.”

During the service, worship music was sung by the church’s praise team. The service which drew in over 500 people at the church’s Henrico location, was live streamed to other City Church locations within the city and across the country.

“We’re going to celebrate God because the mission is sill here, our pastor sowed a seed in us that is life-giving and we believe we can continue that mission," said Jones. “We believe that we are supposed to be demonstrating kingdom-living on this earth and that’s what we’re celebrating. We’re celebrating that God gave us an incredible gift in Dr. Bradley and that we’re still here to live out that gift."

Pastor Ron Carpenter of Redemption Church in San Jose, California, and friend of Dr. Bradley, gave the eulogy during the service. Carpenter described the late pastor’s life as a true success story.

“The vision outlives the visionary. We’re living in a world of deceased men who had ideas that long outlasted them,” said Carpenter. “I haven’t done anything that has outlasted me yet and the fact that this building is packed and the overflows are packed and we’re streaming to other locations, that has allowed me to know that I am honored and privileged to speak on behalf of a man of such great impact.”

“We’re going to remain city strong, we’re going to continue to spread the gospel and spread it in a loving manner,” said Jones

Jones said that anyone is welcome to attend City Church and continue Dr. Bradley’s legacy.

“We’d love for anybody to come by," said Jones. "We still have a powerful word here we still have a loving congregation and we definitely want anybody who wants to be a part of it to be a part of it.”

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