How to get your Christmas shopping organized

A few apps can help you from impulse spending

How to get your Christmas shopping organized
Some apps will help you get organized, but also asking the customer service representative to price match a competitor is a good way to save as well. (Source: CNN file)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Most of you have probably already spent 100 bucks by now shopping online.

Others may have already hit up some stores. Not to be the Grinch this morning, but keep your budgets on the top of mind.

It’s so easy on a day like this to not only overspend on others, but also make impulse buys for yourself.

Kim Palmer a personal finance expert with NerdWallet says-- price comparison tools are you greatest defense over the next month.

“If your out shopping you can use an app. something called shop savvy to actually scan the bar code, see if another store nearby is offering a lower price,”

She recommends downloading the honey browser if your shopping online from home-- it does essentially the same thing. alerts you to the best price for something.

And there’s something to be said for walking up to the customer service counter and asking them to match a price of a competitor. Many stores will do this on the spot.

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