SURPRISE! It’s NBC12 on Thanksgiving!

SURPRISE! It’s NBC12 on Thanksgiving!

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - When the staff at NBC12 was deciding what to cover today, we started thinking nothing’s open, not many people are working, most of you are home with your families. So that’s why we sent our Olivia Ugino to you, to see how you’re celebrating.

Surprisingly enough the Hull family’s door was the first we knocked on and they let us in! Mary Hull has been working on their feast since Monday!

“I made 9 pies total. [My secret] is a very old cookbook," said Hull.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, the bird is the star of this show.

“I make a really good blend of seasonings to put over top of the turkey. [It’s] bacon wrapped! It doesn’t sound very good, but it just adds tremendous flavor. The crust just ends up being really crispy on the turkey, and it just adds the most incredible flavor to it," said Hull.

The family has the corn, the stuffing, the sweet potatoes and while, yes, what’s on the table is nice, it’s what’s around it that makes today a celebration.

We hope however you’re celebrating, you’re having a great Thanksgiving.

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