Ft. Lee hosts annual Thanksgiving feast for troops

Ft. Lee hosts annual Thanksgiving feast for troops

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Hundreds of soldiers marched, and then stood patiently outside the dining halls of Fort Lee on Thursday afternoon, all for a hot plate of food.

The US Army base held its annual Thanksgiving feast for the 10,000 men and women stationed there.

“As you become a key leader in the army, just giving back feels great," said Sgt. Major Terrance Scarborough, while serving cuts of beef to lines of troops.

It was part of a holiday break, kicked off with an interesting role reversal between the soldiers and their commanders.

“The chain of command will be behind the lines serving them food, and often it’s shock," said Fort Lee’s Commanding General, Major General Rodney Fogg.

Shawn Russell, stationed at the base said, “I always feel like I’m supposed to be serving them, so when they serve me, I kind of feel… I don’t know."

But the sense of confusion also came with a hint of longing, as many say this is the first time celebrating away from their own family, and with their new, second family.

“We’re all tired, we’re all stressed and sore, but having a communal event like this definitely makes us feel more at ease with each other," said soldier Lucas Diaz.

Others, like Ramona Stephenson, relished in being able to feast on some of the 4,300 lbs. of turkey, 2,300 lbs. of potatoes, and 10,000 lbs. of fruits – among other delectables.

“I’m a foodie at heart, so today was wonderful," Stephenson said.

Garrison Commander Col. Hollie J. Martin, added, "They’re so far away from home, that it really is a morale booster for our soldiers.”

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