Three tips to save money on a new phone

Three tips to save money on a new phone

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - It’s the time of year everyone is updating their devices-- hoping for a steal of a deal on the latest and greatest smart phone.

But a recent survey from ecoATM Gazelle found 4 in 5 Americans are leaving potential cash on the table when buying their next phone.

To avoid this, first check for retailer and carrier trade-in deals: As new phones are released retailers always begin offering incentives to trade in your old device. Don’t miss out on that money back.

Second, pay attention to the sales. Make it a habit to look up the stores you will buy a phone from and know what they are offering. Don’t make this a day off purchase. Do your research.

Third: don’t let let those old phones pile up either. 42% of Americans own two or more mobile phones, often keeping them as “back-ups” in a junk drawer. Those old phones can be instantly traded-in for cash.

If you go this route-- just be sure to wipe the phone of all your data and factory reset it.

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