Man who fired gun at Walmart, leading to large police presence to be in court

Man charged after gun ‘accidentally discharged’ at Walmart, leading to large police presence

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - A man who police say “accidentally discharged” a firearm at a Walmart, leading to a large police presence is expected in court Monday.

Police were called to the store after they received a call around 2:16 p.m. on Nov. 26 from a woman who heard screaming and a shot fired in the restroom.

“I just heard a boom and then they told everyone to leave out of the nearest exit,” Corine Chandler said.

"Very scary not knowing if you will get shot or not, that scary if you are going to come to work and not go home, " Star Montague said.

In the end, police say a firearm was accidentally discharged inside a restroom.

Clifford C. Shook, Jr., 66, of Richmond, has been charged with one count of reckless handling of a firearm.

“They said, ‘active shooter.’ That’s what they said they said, ‘active shooter.’ As soon as you hear active shooter, you already know run to the nearest exit,” Corine Chandler said.

No one was shot. There was the report of one injury from someone who fell while exiting the building.

“The first thing I thought was 'What if? What if this had been really bad?” Cathy Taylor said.

“You don’t know whether you will freeze. Whether you will panic or whether you will be a hero,” NBC12 Safety Expert Mike Jones said.

Jones says you need to know how to react just in case this had taken an unexpected turn.

“You aren’t hit. You aren’t hurt. You either run hide or fight depending on the circumstance,” Jones said.

Jones said always pay attention to what’s around you.

“Keep yourself calm. Know your surroundings. Get out. Be the best witness you can be,” Jones said.

Shook will be arraigned on firearms charges in court Monday, Dec. 9.

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