Brown Friday: A plumber’s busiest day of the year

Brown Friday: A plumber’s busiest day of the year
Plumbers and other trade workers are in high demand nationwide, but the number of people choosing those careers are few. (Source: KSWO)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - You may know the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday, but for plumbers, it’s known to them as Brown Friday.

It becomes the busiest day of the year for plumbers since many homes become overloaded with family and food - making it a recipe for plumbing disasters.

Michael & Son Services is family-owned-and-operated and has provided plumbing service for over 40 years for the entire Richmond area.

Here are some tips the company has to avoid any disasters:

  • Your garbage disposal is not your trash can
    • Homeowners should not put any large items down the drain since items like bones, celery and coffee grounds can damage the blades. Run cold water and dish soap down it to help clean it.
  • Watch the grease
    • Do not pour grease, oil or fat into your garbage disposal drain. Ever.
  • Wait 15 minutes between showers
    • Wait 15 minutes between showers so the drains can clear and the water heater has time to replenish.
  • Only toilet paper is meant for the toilet
    • People, especially children, tend to flush things they shouldn’t down the toilet. The pipes are not designed for anything other than toilet paper.

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