Tips for securing those 2019 hot holiday toys

Tips for securing those 2019 hot holiday toys

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The prices on toys will drop every week we get closer to Christmas. The risk there is waiting on those hot toys. The one’s that make the list each-- as ‘MUST HAVES.’

Kim Palmer a personal finance expert with NerdWallet says the hot toys are much harder to get at a deal only because there’s a real danger of stores running out. So, they don’t need to discount it.

She says-- google the hot toy list and if you see a must have on it, but that toy first. “If there are plentiful items you know that everyone’s buying all the time then you can be more flexible and wait as you see those prices come down,” said Palmer.

And that price will drop-- especially the week before Christmas. When stores are trying to lure in those last minute shoppers.

The lesson here, if it’s must have-- you probably aren’t getting a deal. If it’s a common toy-- start pricing matching.

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