Artisanal Brewing Ventures acquires Bold Rock Cidery

Artisanal Brewing Ventures acquires Bold Rock Cidery

NELSON COUNTY, V.A. (WVIR) - Bold Rock Cidery will have new owners by the end of the year. The place and jobs should all stay in Nelson County.

The eleventh largest craft beer brewing company, Artisanal Brewing Ventures, is acquiring Bold Rock. Acquisitions can mean job losses or product changes, but Bold Rock says not this time.

“Everybody's staying, the drinks will stay, the founders will stay, the buildings will stay the grounds will stay but you know we'll just be spreading it out,” Bold Rock Co-Founder John Washburn said.

Artisanal is buying Bold Rock to reach more markets quickly.

“We will still craft our beverages, our drinks with care and make drinks that people like, and enjoy tasting, experiencing, sharing with others,” Washburn said.

That east coast expansion plays to Artisanal's strength.

“Artisanal Brewing Ventures - they’re a world-class organization that has amazing expertise in the craft beverage field, amazing facilities, access to capital and resources, a leadership team. All of those components are going to help us expand and be better at what we do while still retaining the authenticity of the brand,” Lindsay Dorrier III, vice president of retail for Bold Rock, said.

Bold Rock’s leadership says its formulas will not change.

“It's going to be able to give us economies of scale in some raw materials like packaging, where we can order more packaging as a shared organization that's going to bring that costs down. And so maybe that'll allow us even additional money to invest in higher quality ingredients,” Washburn said.

They're looking forward to the next chapter with support from their distributor, fans, and employees.

"How do you think a founder feels when they see that, I feel emotion right now talking about it,” Washburn said.

Bold Rock says their customers can expect new flavors and different canned cocktails throughout next year.

Bold Rock Hard Cider swung open the doors of our two humble barns in Nellysford, Virginia in June 2012 with a simple but...

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