Spanberger holds town hall in response to impeachment inquiry

Updated: Nov. 17, 2019 at 7:26 AM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger talked with voters Saturday during a town hall meeting at J.R. Tucker High School in Henrico with much of the discussion centered around this week’s impeachment inquiry hearings of the president.

The impeachment inquiry has been a point of contention on both the national scene and locally in the 7th district which Spanberger represents and was one of many issues Congresswoman came to address during this latest town hall.

“An inquiry I think is also an important reason to insure that people have the ability to ask questions, particularly during a week when there has been so much media coverage on what’s been happening on capitol hill,” said Spanberger. “Hearing some of the engagements between the constituents who were in the audience was valuable to the larger discussions of what happening on capitol hill, what’s happening back here in our district, and how people feel about it and what they want to see us focused on.”

Spanberger says the congress has to get to the bottom of the details surrounding the impeachment inquiry, and that American need to establish what is appropriate behavior the current administration and future administration that come after it.

But impeachment wasn’t the only topic discussed during the town hall. Spanberger also answered a wide range of questions regarding climate change, gun reform and healthcare.

But there were those in attendance who disagreed with many of the Congresswoman’s views.

“I disagree with the representative on almost every matter, but as I said to her, I appreciate her being here and hearing that and participating with the district her constituency so that she knows where we stand on issues,” said Chesterfield resident Timothy Forster.

Still he says he’s glad the congresswoman took the time to listen to constituents with differing views than her own.

“I certainly had the ability to voice my opinion and the representative heard it so I feel satisfied in that regard,” said Forster.

“I appreciate everybody keeping it civil while still expressing their views and I thought the congresswoman did a great job in responding to all viewpoints,” said Henrico resident David Kuptas.

In an effort to remain transparent, Spanberger says she will continue to make effort to hold meeting across the 7th district with her constituents to keep them as informed as possible.

“The broad spectrum of topics that people were talking about I think is the largest take away which is that in peoples day to day lives there are many things that are on their mind there are many things that are a concern,” said Spanberger. “To insure that I am best serving my constituents, I will be accountable to them and will explain in great detail either through town halls, through press releases, social media, or any way I can reach someone to explain to them the choice that I did or didn’t make.”

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