Hopewell fifth graders produce daily newscasts for school community

Hopewell fifth graders produce daily newscasts for school community

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - It takes a lot to put on a television news broadcast, we know that all too well here at NBC12. However, it is a lesson now being learned by a group of fifth-graders in Hopewell.

The students run the show at WDUP, working hard to make sure their classmates have the latest news they can truly use. The news never stops, so neither do the journalists of WDUP.

"It feels like a newsroom some days where it is just mass chaos," said innovation coach Susannah Bishop.

Deadline pressures fill the newsroom each morning as these newshounds scramble to conduct interviews, write scripts, grab video and make sure every graphic is in order.

“We do two run-throughs, and then we do real-deal filming,” said presenter Ryleigh Ellison.

This daily production comes courtesy of a group of fifth-graders at Dupont Elementary School. It is part of the school’s Soaring to Success program, and the students handle everything in front of the camera.

“I actually love being a presenter because I’m not afraid to be embarrassed,” said Ellison.

They also control what happens behind the scenes.

“We get set up. We turn on all the lights. We make sure the green blanket that we put on the floor for the green screen is set upright. We make sure our stools are there,” said presenter Leah Holloway.

They also choose the content of their four-minute broadcast, which usually includes what is happening throughout their school community, as well as a vocabulary word of the week.

They are truly a news team, realizing teamwork makes the dream work.

“I like working with them because we get along. We can get upset about some things, but we’ll end up working together and having teamwork and cooperating,” said editor/director Jayla Hintzen.

"I want them to learn how to work together, how to be confident in who they are and proud of the work that they are doing, and to just kind of roll with the punches," said Bishop.

This is the first year for the broadcast program at Dupont Elementary. The students hope to eventually expand their four-minute production to at least six or seven minutes.

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