Drunk driver had live chicken in the car, police say

OAK CREEK, Wis. (WISN/CNN) - A person called into 911 after noticing an erratic driver, but they said dangerous driving wasn’t all that caught their attention.

"There's a guy behind us and he has a - he's driving really reckless, but he has a hawk in his car," the caller said.

At first, Oak Creek Police thought the 911 caller was mistaken, but it turns out it was pretty close. Rather than a hawk, officers said they found a chicken “fluttering around the inside of the vehicle.”

An officer pulled it from the car and put it in the back of a squad cruiser with the driver’s cousin.

The driver, Ernesto Martinez-Garnica, 42, told officers the chicken’s name is Teresa.

The officer’s report also said they found numerous open cans of beer in the car as well.

It’s Martinez-Garnica’s third arrest for driving under the influence, but police say it’s probably the first involving a live chicken.

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