Man paralyzed after scuffle at McDonald’s; 2 employees charged

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/CNN) - The family of Marc Conn, who is now paralyzed following a fight with several women outside a McDonald’s in downtown Pittsburgh, is not sure if he will ever walk again.

“All I’ve seen in the video is him fall face-first and he looked like he was dead,” Conn’s cousin Jen Belajac said. “Honestly, he wasn’t moving.”

The family found out the 62-year-old was brutally assaulted when a Facebook video began circulating.

"His sister, I called her and she's crying. She was crying to call him. She's freaking out," Belajac recalled.

Conn and longtime girlfriend, Billie Joe Goldsworthy, were heading to the Greyhound bus station when they were first attacked by a group of kids.

"Couple of kids started throwing pop bottles. He threw one at his girlfriend's head, so they went into the McDonald's to get away," Belajac explained.

According to a criminal complaint, a male followed them in and began arguing with Goldsworthy. When Conn tried to pull his girlfriend away, police say two restaurant employees intervened.

Police identified the employees as 18-year-old Kiniya Martin and 24-year-old Roneese Davis.

Police say Conn punched back and the couple was then pushed by employees from the restaurant.

"Lock the doors, calls the police,” anything,” Belajac stressed. “You just don’t, handle stuff like that. It was a mess."

Police say Conn’s girlfriend continued to argue with employees and customers. She was pepper-sprayed, dragged to the ground by her hair and punched repeatedly.

The criminal complaint states Conn saw Goldsworthy on the ground and attempted to assist her and was then struck from behind.

Video footage shows Davis punching Conn once in the back of the head, causing him to fall face-first onto the pavement.

"He's paralyzed from the neck down,” Belajac said. “He going to feel nothing."

Martin faces a simple assault charge while Davis is dealing with aggravated assault, WTAE reported.

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