Man describes rescue by transit employee after fall onto subway tracks

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KCRA/KGO/CNN) - An Oakland Raiders fan says he’s alive today thanks to the heroic action of a stranger.

Rayshawn Jackson had a brush with death at a BART station after the football game on Sunday when he fell onto the train tracks. A BART employee sprung into action to save him.

The brave rescue was caught on camera.

"That's God right there looking over me,” Jackson said.

Jackson got separated from his buddies while at the game and was looking for them at the nearby BART station so they could go home.

He was talking to one of them on his phone while the station's camera on the platform was recording.

"I was looking - I was leaning towards to see if the train was actually coming, and when I looked too hard, I missed my step,” Jackson said.

Video shows his fall onto the tracks as a train is headed directly for him.

"I knew I only had a couple seconds,” Jackson said. “I heard the train. I heard the vibration on the rails coming and I could see the light coming out of the tunnel and as soon as I seen the light, I jumped up and I tried to get out of the way and I missed my jump - the first jump. And I did it again, and I felt it, the man grabbed me mid-air and took me out of the way."

That man was John O'Connor, a BART supervisor.

Without a second to spare, O'Connor plucked Jackson out of harm’s way,

"I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for that man,” Jackson said.

Jackson said he was so close to getting hit, he could feel the jet stream from the train brush up against his neck and face.

Jackson went to a hospital to be checked out, but when it came time to catch the train home, he was still a little shaken up and opted for another mode of transportation.

"Ended up catching Uber, $200 later,” he said.

The Oakland Raiders invited Jackson as a guest to their next home game Thursday night against the Chargers.

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