How to spend less on glasses

How to spend less on glasses

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - If you’ve ever bought glasses, you know that a single pair can cost $200 to $300. But you can now buy quality glasses for a fraction of that.

The first step is an eye exam. But, spend a few minutes shopping around and you’ll see a huge range of prices. Many optical places charge a hundred dollars or more just for the exam. But at a places like Costco and Walmart, an eye exam for glasses can be around $70 to $80. And some places offer free exams if you buy the glasses there.

Or check out a discount place like America’s Best, which is offering two pairs of glasses for $69-$95 including the exam.

Or you could pay for the exam then shop for your glasses online from sites like or zenni optical. Right now both sites have a number of frames for $10 or less.

And if you’ve got health insurance through work see if you have vision benefits that could take up some of that cost. If you’ve got a Health Savings Account you can use that money for glasses or contacts too.

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