Killing the urge to overspend

Curbing the urge to impulse buy

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - One in 5 Americans admits an impulse buy has cost them more than a $1,000. Here’s how to curb the urge.

First, make it harder to buy things impulsively. Clear those bookmarked retail sites on your computer and if you’ve got your credit card information saved on a site, delete it. It makes a purchase harder than one-click, and means you’re less likely to buy.

Along the same lines, if impulse spending is a problem, don’t go to the mall with friends for fun or go window shopping on your lunch break. If you do have to visit a store, make sure you go in with a list.

Here’s another great trick. Even if you’re salaried, figure out your hourly wage.

Then, next time your temped to buy something, convert the price to the number of hours you’d have to work to earn that amount. Knowing it would take you maybe five hours to earn that pair of boots might make you put them back on the shelf.

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