Richmond mother, business owner receives outpour of support after stage 4 cancer diagnosis

Richmond mother diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - There is a major outpouring of support for a young Richmond mother who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

T.Q. Evans, 38, is raising two sons and a daughter who she is trying to adopt, all while owning her own business. The timing of her diagnosis could not have been any worse.

"I’ve been a very health-conscious person my entire life,” Evans said.

Which is why last summer delivered quite the surprise.

"I woke up with a burning sensation in my belly,” she explained.

She had to go to the hospital.

"I was so confident that there was not a problem that I even told my husband ‘just drop me off…I don’t know what it is but I’m sure it’s nothing,’ and it ended up being everything,” Evans said.

She was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in June.

“They told me that the average person with this type of diagnosis has about six months to live,” she said.

The devastating news came months after she launched her own company, Prende Pants, a clothing option to aid in women’s health after they’ve given birth. On top of that, she and her husband are raising two young sons as well as a bubbly 2-year-old girl they’ve been fostering since she was born.

"I had just launched a business. We’re still going through the adoption process. My life was good and then this happened…I also made a decision that I would not accept that diagnosis… I’ve learned how to advocate for myself,” Evans said.

She made some lifestyle changes, giving up meat, and meeting with spiritual and healing advisers to clear chaos from her life. It’s a holistic approach that seems to be working. She’s started chemo, but just two weeks ago, doctors shared some good news.

“When I went to get scans again, they said ‘wow, when you came in June, we thought that cancer was all over your body and now it looks like it’s only in a couple of places and we feel like we can get it’,” she said.

TQ’s story caught the attention of CEO Magazine, which will feature the supermom as their cover story in November.

"To be going through so much and to just have this ‘it is possible’ attitude was just everything for me,” said founder Sharon Oliver.

The magazine and community partners are organizing a benefit fundraiser to help with TQ’s mounting medical bills. It’s the support she never knew would come her way. Besides her husband and children, TQ has no other family in Richmond. The outpouring of support from others is what’s helping her get through it.

"I couldn’t believe how strong I’ve been knowing that all summer I’ve been going with the thought that I could die in six months, and me having faith that it is not my truth and it won’t be my truth. I’m starting to feel that I am strong,” Evans said. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially since there’s so much more still worth fighting for.

The benefit fundraiser will happen Sunday at Luxe Lashes Beauty Studio at Stony Point Fashion Park beginning at 7 p.m. TQ will be there to share her story.

Tickets for the event can be found here. There is also a GoFundMe page to support TQ.

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