How to save on holiday and children’s birthday party

Budgeting for parties

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - From holiday parties to birthday parties-- this is the time of year a lot of us like to play host or hostess.

So, how do you plan a party without breaking your budget?

If you’ve got kids you already know how expensive birthdays can be, between the party preparations and all of the gifts. But a little advanced planning can help in a BIG way.

One common problem is NOT saving money ahead of time. The solution is to create a birthday and family event fund. Every month put some money towards that fund so that when a family birthday rolls around you aren’t putting everything on credit cards.

A good starting point is to save what you spent last year on those birthdays.

And if you're kids get invited to a lot of their friend's birthday parties be sure to kick in some money to cover those gifts too.

If you can’t save enough to cover those expenses-- it’s likely time to scale back your plans. And remember you don’t have to buy expensive party supplies at party stores.

Shop those dollar stores and clearance bins year round to build up a stash of party supplies.

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