Tips on keeping your pets safe during Halloween

Halloween safety tips for your pets

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Halloween is a fun time for children and family, but it might not be your pet’s favorite time of year.

1. The candy you get trick or treating is not for your pets

They’re meant for you and can make your four-legged friends sick.

2. Keep your pets inside

Halloween pranksters could cause harm to your pets, so don’t take the chance and leave them inside.

3. Keep pets away from the door

It might not be the best idea to let them help greet people at the door. They could get scared and show aggression, or make a run for it outside.

4. Keep the glow sticks away

Glow sticks might look like something fun to bite on and if they chew it open, it could cause them to get sick.

5. Don’t keep lit pumpkins around pets

This should be common sense, but they could accidentally knock it over and start a fire.

6. Be cautious dressing them up

Halloween pet costumes should not cause any movement restrictions or make them uncomfortable in any way. So, it’s best to try them on before the big night and don’t use it unless they love it.

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