‘3rd Floor Sam’ has people buying him beer at work

‘Please send a beer to Sam on floor 3’

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WXMI/CNN/Gray News) – Raise a glass to Sam Hoats.

The senior digital strategist for a Michigan advertising agency has finagled a way to get free beer, and lots of it.

Hoats’ office is on the third floor and overlooks The Knickerbocker restaurant and patrons regularly send up brews.


Well, there’s a big sign in his window surrounded by blinking lights that says: “Please send a beer to Sam on floor 3. Thank you!”

Hoats was testing out an advertising theory to see how effective it might be.

It was an idea he thought might be just crazy enough to work.

It didn’t take long to find out after the sign went up.

“Then all a sudden, boom beer, boom beer, boom beer,” Hoats said. “We’re like oh my God, this is crazy.”

That was a year ago and the tap’s still open.

The Knickerbocker staff now keep a tally of all the beers bought for Hoats, even when he's not in the office.

He now has a tip jar on his desk that co-workers contribute to. The money goes to the servers who deliver his cans of brew.

Hoats is so popular, New Holland Brewing, the owner of The Knickerbocker, has plans to create a “Third Floor Sam” brew - inspired by his quest for free beer.

“It’s incredibly exciting,” he said. “I just got to convince them now to make like my own T-shirts and then I would call it a success.”


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