‘Nanny’ Jenkins is the Nationals’ spryest 91-year-old superfan

91 Year old "Nanny" Jenkins Nationals' spriest super fan

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Elizabeth “Nanny” Jenkins, of Henrico, has been following baseball for 91 years. She can easily be called the Nationals’ spryest super fan.

Nanny will be rooting on the Nationals during game two of the World Series from her sofa, as she does for every single Nationals game. It’s difficult for Nanny to single out the favorite player of her home team.

“I like the way Trea Turner steals bases,” said Nanny. “Sometimes he gets caught and gets out...But he’s good at it.”

Nanny was intent on watching the entire first game of the World Series, without dozing off.

"I couldn't miss it. I had to sit up and watch the end of it," she said.

After each game, Nanny takes down stats in a diary.

“But I try to remember most of it," she added.

Nanny has enjoyed baseball her entire life, growing up with five brothers and two sisters in New Kent County.

“We would get out in the yard and play sometimes,” Nanny remembered.

She also listened to the legends as they made their way around the diamond, from the radio. In fact, Nanny kept a collection of baseball cards in a shoebox for decades. Several years ago, she pulled out the box out to show her family, and inside she had original baseball cards for Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Babe Ruth. Those pieces of history are now in a very secure place, far from her shoebox.

Perhaps the only thing Nanny enjoys as much as the Nationals, is her family, including seven great-grandchildren.

"I'm just hoping they win,” she said. “All I can do it keep my fingers crossed and hope."

Nanny has never actually been to a Nationals game in person. She’s keeping her fingers crossed for that too, perhaps before the series is over.

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