Good gourd! Farmer turns massive pumpkin into a boat

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (CNN) - A farmer is celebrating his squash success this year by going for a float.

After trying for years to grow a massive pumpkin, Justin Ownby finally did it this year.

He grew a 910-pound pumpkin, and his wife says he made it happen by taking care of it every day since May.

After Ownby hollowed out the pumpkin to harvest seeds for next year, he decided to have a little fun with his kids.

On Monday night, he put the pumpkin in the pond on the family's property and went for a paddle. At one point, he tried to stand up before tipping over.

Ownby doesn't plan to stop growing pumpkins any time soon, and he hopes to break the 1,000-pound mark next year.

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