Looking to sell your home? Here are five things that make your home lose value

How your home can lose value

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Real estate company Opendoor just launched a Home Improvement Value Calculator that tries to eliminate the mystery of which upgrades can increase a home’s overall value and which hurt it.

Here are the top five offenders according to the site.

Carpet throughout the house is apparently a turnoff to buyers and a loss of $5,400 in value.

Formica or tile kitchen counters makes you lose $5,000 in value. People want granite.

Carpet in the master bedroom will also cost you value. The sites says you lose round $4,100.

If your home is located on a busy street that’s about a $2,800 deduction in value.

Finally, low quality cabinetry is a turnoff to potential buyers. It could cost you $2,700 in value.

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