Colonial Heights summer league team announces new team name

Colonial Heights baseball team unveiled

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WWBT) - Tri-Cities Baseball has revealed the name of the newest Coastal Plain League team, introducing the ‘Tri-City Chili Peppers.'

That name was submitted by Kurt Anderson during the name the team contest.

The team’s new general manager, Steve Taggart, announced the winner on Thursday during an event at Shepherd Stadium for the top 20 finalists in the contest.

“We are so excited to be doing this right here in Colonial Heights at beautiful Shepherd Stadium,” said Taggart. “This team presents an incredible opportunity for this area, for the Tri-Cities, and beyond.”

The Top 5 was announced along with the names of those who submitted the suggestions. Chili Peppers, Cucumbers, Nitty Gritties, Tacos & Triceratops made up the Top 5.

Anderson wins a five-game all-you-can-eat ticket package for the 2020 season, an exclusive ‘I Named The Team’ T-shirt that was unveiled at the time of the announcement, and a hat. The Top 20 will receive a 20% coupon to the team store once merchandise is available.

The Coastal Plain League will be releasing its 2020 season schedule in the coming weeks and the Chili Peppers hope to start ticket sales by mid November.

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