’I’m scared to go back to school’: 9-year-old RPS student says lunch aide dragged him by feet

’I’m scared to go back to school’: 9-year-old RPS student says lunch aide dragged him by feet

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A Richmond mother called police after she says her third-grade son was dragged and assaulted by a lunch aide at J.L. Francis Elementary School, leaving him with a large bruise on his back, Tuesday.

"I’m scared to go back to school,” said Nasir Joyner, 9, who says his back, head and ankles are still hurting him a day after the incident.

Asia Trent, Nasir’s mother, says Richmond Public Schools administrators confirmed to her that the lunch aide was terminated following the altercation.

Nasir says he was dragged by his feet toward the school’s office, as his pants were falling down. He says his head and back were being forcefully pulled across the floor, and the incident began after the cafeteria aide told the students to “shut up.”

Nasir Joyner, 9, says he was assaulted by an RPS lunch aide.
Nasir Joyner, 9, says he was assaulted by an RPS lunch aide. (Source: NBC12)

“Every kid was like… ‘Why you tell us to shut up?’” said Nasir. “And (the lunch aide) thought I said something. So she pulled me out of my chair,” said Nasir.

Nasir says she forced him out of the lunchroom by grabbing him underneath his arms. He says he refused to go to the office, or anywhere with the woman. Nasir says the lunch aide then forced him to the floor and dragged him by his feet. He described his pants falling down, and his head repeatedly hitting the floor.

“She pushed me on the ground because I wasn’t going to move no more, and grabbed me by my leg… and pulled me by my feet,” said Nasir.

Nasir says two other teachers witnessed the altercation, telling the woman to stop. Ultimately, Nasir was taken to the nurse, according to Trent.

Trent says she was horrified when she was called by school administrators to pick up her son and cried upon seeing the bruise on his back.

“I’m fed up,” Trent said. “I couldn’t protect my son.”

Trent says she spoke with the principal and was informed that the school had called Child Protective Services. She says she later spoke to a counselor with CPS.

Trent also called the police and took Nasir to the hospital, where he underwent a forensic exam. She says this isn’t the first time staff members at the school have allegedly been physical with her son.

“I’ve been to the school several times, spoken to several people... had meetings,” she said. “But that was not enough to protect my son from being dragged by his feet down the hallway in school in front of everybody.”

RPS officials declined to comment on the situation, citing it as a personnel and privacy matter.

Richmond police confirm they are investigating. However, no charges have been pressed at this time.

Meanwhile, Trent wants her son transferred out of Francis Elementary immediately to a different school. She says Nasir is traumatized and wants him to now undergo counseling.

“I don’t know as a parent what I’m supposed to do at this point,” she said. “…how I’m supposed to get my son to feel comfortable enough to go into the school to sit down and be ready to learn, instead of ready to protect himself.”

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