36 hours later, new Fortnite map emerges from black hole

36 hours later, new Fortnite map emerges from black hole
(Source: CBC News/CNN)

(WAFB) - Arguably the most popular video game on Earth, Fortnite imploded without warning, plunging millions of players, viewers, and fans into a seemingly neverending black hole.

At around 2 p.m. EST on Oct. 13, a meteor set off a chain reaction that blew up the landscape in the game, dragged all of the players into a black hole, and left nothing but a mostly black screen and a pulsing black hole.

The event, called “The End,” signaled the end of the game’s tenth season and once over, whenever that may be, will bring about the beginning of Season 11.

The outage continued for over 36 hours until around 4 a.m. EST on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Millions of players and fans watched the event live on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter. Hours after the game had gone down, over 50,000 people were still actively watching the game’s live stream of the black hole on YouTube; another 100,000 were watching on Twitch, according to CNN.

The official Fortnite account on Twitter offered no explanation for the wipeout. Instead, it pinned a tweet showing a live video feed of the black hole, accompanied by a sci-fi soundtrack. All of the account’s previous posts on Twitter were deleted and its icon turned black. The game’s Instagram account posted blank black images and video of the black hole following Sunday’s event.

Esports and gaming consultant Rod Breslau, called the implosion and the subsequent outage “the most-watched gaming event in history.”

Games like Fortnite occasionally go down for server maintenance and updates. Fornite has had similar blow-out events for the end of almost all of their competitive seasons, but never to this extent.

On Tuesday morning, a new map emerged from the black hole. A cinematic trailer for the new season, called Chapter 2, played before players were able to jump from the familiar battle bus into 13 new locations. Developers have also added fishing, swimming, boats, and pogo sticks.

And all was right with the world again.

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