Richmond SPCA welcome 4 dogs from Bahamas

Four dogs from the Bahamas arrive in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The Richmond SPCA took in four dogs that were saved from the storm-ravaged area.

The dogs, named Potcake, Ginger, Marino and Grom arrived last Friday.

“This is a crucial part of the work that we do and its central to our mission. Every life is precious,” said the organization’s CEO, Tamsen Kingry.

Kingry said that the transport of the furry four was another collaboration between their organization and the Florida Urgent Rescue (FUR).

Luckily for the four dogs, and perhaps for four lucky dog lovers in the River City, their original owners had the foresight to get them away from harm early, as they were reportedly surrendered before Hurrican Dorian made landfall.

“Multiple of them have some chronic conditions that we’re definitely going to have to address. After the quarantine, we’ve got some work to do from dental care, some skin work, there’s some masses to address, and of course, we have to treat Gorm and Marino, the two that came in heartworm positive,” said Dr. David Molinas.

Molinas, who has been treating the dogs, says that apart from some small issues, they’re all in good shape.

He said that quarantining is standard procedure for international additions just to make sure they don’t pose any sort of medical threat to the local dogs.

“That’s the best part, just getting to work, get them good enough to get them out to the community, find them a home, and move on to the next patient,” Molinas said.

Molinas said that the dogs will be quarantined for two more weeks, and depending on their conditions, they may or may not need more treatment before they can be put up for adoption through the SPCA.

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