Sherod ready for season after climb back from torn ACL

Sherod ready for season after climb back from torn ACL

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - November 25, 2018, Nick Sherod went down during the first half of Richmond’s game with Hampton, just the sixth game of the season.

“I felt something was different,” the Spider guard Sherod remembered. “It wasn’t necessarily a pop, but I felt something was wrong."

The diagnosis- a torn ACL, out for the year, surgery and intense rehab in the months following.

“At that point I just realized alright, it’s going to be a long process. I’ve just got to start at that moment getting my mind prepared for what’s ahead.”

The St. Christopher’s product zeroed in on his rehabilitation with the same focus with which he approaches basketball. He also understood the importance of pacing himself and not rushing that process.

“He was really able to attack it and really sinks his teeth into that kind of thing,” Richmond head coach Chris Mooney recalled. “He was ahead of schedule every step of the way. Every check-in was ahead of schedule and he did a great job because of that.”

“In a Nick Sherod world, which is probably the not medically educated world, I would’ve been back in July running around, but I’m glad the process has gone the way it is,” Sherod added.

That process also involved a temporary switch from player to spectator and supporter, as Sherod provided an assist with his voice on the sideline, rather than a pass on the court, cheering on his teammates and giving them pats on the back during every opportunity.

“Nick plays basketball with a game face and with very little emotion shown,” observed Mooney. “While he was a supporter of the team on the bench, he showed incredible emotion and was the first one up, the most talkative, the loudest.”

“It’s definitely tough, especially when you see there are certain plays and certain possessions where you feel like if you were out there maybe the outcome would’ve been different,” said Sherod. “If you had been out there to take that shot or get that rebound, you could’ve helped the team, so that was tough.”

Sherod’s injury was a crushing blow for the Spiders last season, but fast forward more than 10 months, and he’s 100 percent. The redshirt junior says the experience made him mentally stronger, and he’s chomping at the bit to get back to competition.

“I really miss that,” the guard said of the competition. “I miss running out there and seeing my family out there, just having that support, so I’m really excited. It should be a fun season and I’m excited to get back out there and do what I love.”

Sherod and Richmond open their season on November 8, hosting St. Francis (PA).

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