More stores begin to offer curbside pick up

More stores begin to offer curbside pickup

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Curb-side service is incredibly convenient if you have a disability, you’re older or just a busy parent with young kids and no time to spare.

And there are some stores that go the extra mile these days and actually bring your orders out to the car.

Kyle James with put a list together of all the major stores that bring online orders out to your car with no extra charge.

Kroger allows you to fill a virtual cart online then check-out and select a store and pick up time. An employee will then grab all your groceries and bring them to your car when you arrive.

Publix also recently added this feature. It works the same way -- order and pay online and select your pick up time.

Nordstrom does this too. If you join the free Nordy Club, you’re eligible to get free curbside delivery. When you’re on the website be sure to select the “Buy Online & Pick Up in Store” option.

Lastly, many Target stores are rolling out the “Drive Up” service. This one is set up mostly through the app. Walmart is also doing something similar.

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