Chesterfield woman raising money to help kids get free prosthetic legs

Chesterfield woman raising money to help kids get free prosthetic legs

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WWBT) - A Midlothian woman is off to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in her first Iron Man race - swimming, biking and running nearly 150 miles in one day, but she’s doing it to make sure amputated kids can stay fit.

Thomas Dale High school P.E. teacher, Judy Long is about to take on her wildest fitness challenge yet. But this isn’t so much about the fitness enthusiast, as it is about kids like Maisie, from Dinwiddie who inspires Long every day.

Maisie, a spry 7-year-old, gives no indication she once struggled to stand up, let alone run. Maisie was born without the lower half of her legs.

Her old prosthetic legs were “uncomfortable," and but now, thanks to Amputee Blade Runners, Maisie can get wherever she wants to go in no time flat. New agile prosthetic blades allow Maisie to run, skip and jump. They’re customized to her liking and even glow in the dark.

The company behind the blades, Amputee Blade Runner, pays for new pieces, which are $30,000, as she grows for free.

Kids typically need new ones as they grow - a new pair once every one and a half years.

“Insurance doesn’t cover it at all,” Ashli Hicks, Maisie’s mother, said.

That’s why Long’s Iron Man is more than just a personal fitness goal. All the money she raises goes straight to Amputee Blade Runner. That way more children like Maisie can continue to be kids.

“It’s so beautiful to see her spirit match her physically,” Hicks said.

If you’re interested in donating to Long’s cause, CLICK HERE.

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