Pregnant mother of 5 pleads for stolen car to be returned

Pregnant mother of 5 pleads for stolen car to be returned

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Candria Lewis’ car would normally be parked right by the front door of her home, but things have changed since Saturday.

"I came outside and it was gone. I was furious Saturday,” Lewis said.

Lewis admits she did not lock her 2007 Lexus 350, adding that in the three years that she’s lived on Remington Road, neither she nor her neighbors had experienced any thefts.

On top of losing the car, what stings the most for Lewis is the stuff that was inside.

“I had baby milk in the car, I had baby clothes, a bassinet,” Lewis said.

And the mother of five says she’ll need that for her next baby, which is due in November. The loss of her car, has left her both desperate and vigilant.

“Riding and pass a parking lot, I’m looking through the parking lot [for it]," Lewis said.

Lewis said she wasn’t the only one targeted, however, as she said police originally told her two other nearby cars were also stolen. Another neighbor told her their car was rummaged through.

Henrico Police could only confirm that car was reported stolen.

“I work two jobs, I work hard to take care of my kids," Lewis said. “I need to have transportation to get back and forth."

Henrico Police said they do still see items taken from cars from all over the county, so they do remind you to lock your doors.

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