Food hall with taproom, 3 bars coming to Scott’s Addition

New food hall coming to Scott's Addition

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - As Richmond continues to grow, so does its food scene. There’s a new food hall coming to the heart of Scott’s Addition.

“We, as a board, we’re excited this is something different for Richmond,” said board president of Scott’s Addition, Trevor Dickerson.

“I’ve heard some buzz in the community about the new food hall coming and I think it’s going to be awesome for Scott’s Addition,” said Tazza Kitchen employees, Catharine Helm.

No matter who you talk to, it seems excitement is in the air and mouths are watering at the thought of the new food hall.

“It’s awesome. This is a first of its kind type of thing coming right to our neighborhood - I mean the possibilities are endless,” said Dickerson.

The current 25,000 square-foot building located on 1509 Belleville Street will be renovated into the new food hall that will offer eight different food vendors, a taproom and three bars, one of which will be on the roof.

Photo replica of Belleville food hall coming to Scott's Addition
Photo replica of Belleville food hall coming to Scott's Addition (Source: Fultz & Singh Architects)

“It’s probably going to be a pretty exciting place for sure, definitely on the weekends,” said Helm.

“You see food halls like this in New York. I’ve been to one up there and they have everything from sushi, to lobster rolls, to everything out of the box that you don’t normally see," said Dickerson.

So far, the only food vendor that’s been announced is the Veil Brewing Co. They will be moving their taphouse to the new food hall and keep the current building for brewing only.

The Neighborhood Restaurant Group, who owns the new food concept, says they will selecting from the already growing Richmond dining scene and bringing in some of the best chefs in the country.

“I’m hoping there’s something for everybody, for every taste and every budget as well,” said Dickerson.

There’s no official word on when the food hall is to officially open up, but we’re hearing it could be sometime in the summer of 2020.

1509 Belleville St, location for new food hall
1509 Belleville St, location for new food hall (Source: Source:NBC12)

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