Teen accused of assaulting 78-year-old woman sentenced to 25 years

Teen accused of assaulting 78-year-old woman sentenced to 25 years
Calvin Maurice White Jr.

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The man suspected of assaulting an elderly woman in April 2018 was sentenced Oct. 4 to 25 years in prison.

Calvin Maurice White Jr. was initially wanted for burglary, malicious wounding, and grand larceny after a 78-year-old woman suffered “multiple wounds about the head and upper torso.”

Family members say the woman, who survived, was stabbed 22 times.

White, who was 18 at the time of the incident, entered Alford pleas earlier this year on the burglary and malicious wounding charges. An Alford plea means White did not admit guilt, but acknowledges there is enough evidence to convict him.

The grand larceny charge, as well as a felony offender escape without violence charge, were set aside.

His total sentence was 60 years, but 35 of those were suspended.

Police said after the incident that White stole the victim’s 1992 white Volvo station wagon.

"He used a hammer to hit her in the head," said the victim's daughter, Lynne.

Lynne says her mother is known as kind and friendly in the neighborhood she has called home for 50 years.

"She's just a friendly, nice person. Nobody deserves that," said Lynne. "I just want to let everybody know that whoever did this to my mom should be caught because he tortured her, and she's 70-something years old, and she shouldn't have to go through this."

Lynne says her mother was cleaning her car when the suspect was able to sneak into her home. When the woman got back into the home, that is when her daughter says she was attacked and stabbed.

"When I found out that happened, I prayed for her last night and at mass this morning," said a neighbor a few doors down. "The first thing I could think is 'how could you do that to another human being? What if that was your family that something happened to, how would you feel?'"

The neighbor says in decades of being in the area, something like this attack has never happened. She was shocked by the large police presence Tuesday afternoon and says the neighborhood is willing to support the family as the woman continues to recover.

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