Dinwiddie schools investigating inappropriate locker room video

Dinwiddie schools investigating inappropriate locker room video

DINWIDDIE, Va. (WWBT) - Administrators with Dinwiddie County Public Schools are investigating what they say is an inappropriate video that was recording in the high school football locker room.

“This is a disruption to our learning environment that does not reflect the core values of our student body,” interim principal Robbie Garnes said in a voicemail sent to parents.

According to Dinwiddie Public Schools District representative Christie Clark, a 20- to 25-second video was widely shared on Snapchat and later Facebook. Clark says it depicted several members of the football team and involved nudity.

“It was after practice: Kids dancing, laughing. It just seemed like a day in the locker room, and somebody should not have had a camera out,” Clarke said.

Susie Wallace, a grandmother to a Dinwiddie High senior, was not happy to hear about the video, saying "Oh my goodness, this did not happen at the school. I was very shocked and disappointed.”

Wallace’s granddaughter, Miah, said the video was quite the topic throughout the day.

“I heard about it at one table at lunch, but most of it I heard like right when I walked out the door,” she said.

She adds that Spirit Week tends to really ramp up spirits among the school’s teams.

“I thought they would’ve been more mature about that, but I also wasn’t surprised because it happens a lot during this time,” she said.

Clarke said the school district is aware of the students involved, and that they will face disciplinary action, which would include internet safety courses. This school is not involving police at this time.

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